Infants & Pre-School Swimming Program

The ELSC infant and pre-school swimming program does not use flotation devices such as arms bands/floaties, back bubbles or buoyancy vests as part of our teaching practice, instead promoting student’s own buoyancy and propulsive movements to gain an understanding and appreciation of the aquatic environment.

The infants and pre-school program has distinct progressive phases with all phases focusing on safety in the aquatic environment.
Infants Starfish Classes/3 levels (Aquatic Familiarisation): is for children aged between 6 months and 2-2.5 years with parents in the water with their child. The Starfish levels aim to achieve basic aquatic skills, propulsive movements, good breath control, promotion of a healthy water confidence, preparation of detachment from parent in readiness for independent swimming.
Pre-school Independent Swim Class: places the child in a class without the parent where independent swimming is extended and Aquatic Confidence and Self-Preservation skills are consolidated before progressing into the pre-school learn to swim levels of Mini Seahorse (level 1) and Mini Turtle (level 2).

Our aim is to teach all children in our infants and preschool program general water safety and age appropriate swimming skills in a happy, relaxed and nurturing environment. It is also a requirement of our teaching staff to educate parents on safe aquatic practice whilst participating in our classes. Our early entry swim classes teach basic water safety and swimming fundamentals introduced and modified based on the child’s swimming experience and ability. These skills include hand sculling, treading water basics, floating & rolling, safe entry & exits, clothed swimming, age appropriate rescue skills and  swimming basics.

To ensure our water quality remains the highest possible, ELSC have a Non-Negotiable Swim Nappy Policy in place which requires i) All children under the age of 3 years OR children not toilet trained MUST wear a good quality/firm fitting RE-USABLE Aqua Nappy in addition to firm fitting DISPOSABLE Aqua Nappy plus swimming costume/rash-shirt/suit. ELSC reserve the right to ask any person that is not complying with this policy to exit the swimming pool. Lesson will be forfeited.

Infants and Preschool Progression Chart

Infant Aquatic Familiarisation Class with Parent