Conditions of Entry



ELSC is not a general access swimming facility. We are a program based facility. NO General Public Lap Swimming available.

Bulk Entry – all school groups, non for profit community groups (12+ persons).

Corporate Entry – private/public partnership arrangements, all corporate fitness partnerships must have prior approval of the Centre Manager (minimum of 12 persons).

Multi-Visit Passes & Vouchers

Valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

Learn to Swim & Coaching Discount

An additional 5% sibling discount on a pro-rata basis is applied to two or more children from the same nuclear family.

Students enrolled in more than one weekly Learn to Swim (LTS) class are eligible for multi lesson discount.

Early Payment Incentive (EPI) applied to term program only and will only apply to the overall program cost if fees are paid and received in full prior to the early payment discount expiry date.

EPI does not apply to Direct Debit, private lessons, casual programs ie Swimfit or Aqua or school aquatic programs.

LTS & Coaching fees include entry to pool for child and accompanying family members.

Pensioner Discount

5% pensioner discount available on Aqua Circuit Multi Visit Pass on presentation of valid pension card. The pensioner discount does not apply to any other ELSC program.

the importance of our Water Safety Program

Here’s an email we recently received highlighting the importance of our Water Safety Program.

Hi East Lakes Swim Centre,

I just want to say a huge thank you for everything you do. But in particular I want to praise your Water Safety Program.

On the Easter weekend, myself and my girls were staying at a hotel in Sydney. The hotel had a pool. Both my girls are students at your swimming school. Miss 3 is not yet confident in the pool.

Miss 7 was in the pool. Miss 3 entered the pool when my back was turned and had a drowning incident.

On entering the water, Miss 3 sunk straight to the bottom of the pool. I turned around to see just the very top inch of her head above the water. She was standing vertically on the floor of the pool, nearly completely submerged. Miss 7 realised quickly that her sister could not breathe and swam and lifted her up. She held her above the water and brought her to the side of the pool, where I lifted Miss 3 out of the pool. Miss 3 was frightened and I was very concerned. I monitored her in the coming weeks. I will never be able to erase the image of Miss 3 standing under the water from my mind. 

Miss 7 knew what to do and acted calmly and quickly.  I believe that this is a credit to your Water Safety programmes at East Lakes. Thank you so much. You really are making a difference to the lives of our children. Please always keep doing what you are doing.