Casual Sessions

when do casual sessions run?

casual sessions run during school terms only and break over school holidays

FAMILY swimfit

tuesday & thursday 6:30pm - 7:30pm (school term only)

Family SwimFit blends a mix of general swimming training and aquatic cross training techniques incorporating exercises such as kettlebell pool runs, dolphin dives and controlled breathing swims just to name a few. It is ideal for swimming families who want to keep on top of their swimming fitness and don’t necessarily want to endure the hard-slog of traditional squad training.

The SwimFit session is self paced and geared for swimmers of all abilities, however, participants need to be able to swim 25M at a time over a period of 60 minutes. The session is filled with short sharp quality swim sets, recovery swims and walk-throughs, lots of banter all in sync with the latest play list of pumping vibes.

The Family SwimFit session is headed by Coach Dan, a two time Olympian in the sport of Water Polo. Dan is a National Premier League Water Polo Coach bringing a wealth of knowledge to the program with a Diploma in Sports Coaching as well as over 30 years experience in elite sport as both athlete and coach.

First time SwimFitters are invited to attend a FREE trial session. This is a great opportunity to test the waters so to speak! This is also a great opportunity to grab a few friends or family members and bring them along too. Working out is always better in groups 🙂

If you want to continue continue after the free trial session, you can pay casually (per visit) or by purchasing a multi visit pass of either 10 or 20 visits. The beauty of the SwimFit session is that it’s a casual program. There is no booking required, you simply turn up as your schedule allows.

Casual Sessions » adult swimming classes
Casual Sessions » adult swimming classes
Casual Sessions » adult swimming classes
Casual Sessions » adult swimming classes
Casual Sessions » adult swimming classes
Casual Sessions » adult swimming classes
Casual Sessions » adult swimming classes
Casual Sessions » adult swimming classes

the importance of our Water Safety Program

Here’s an email we recently received highlighting the importance of our Water Safety Program.

Hi East Lakes Swim Centre,

I just want to say a huge thank you for everything you do. But in particular I want to praise your Water Safety Program.

On the Easter weekend, myself and my girls were staying at a hotel in Sydney. The hotel had a pool. Both my girls are students at your swimming school. Miss 3 is not yet confident in the pool.

Miss 7 was in the pool. Miss 3 entered the pool when my back was turned and had a drowning incident.

On entering the water, Miss 3 sunk straight to the bottom of the pool. I turned around to see just the very top inch of her head above the water. She was standing vertically on the floor of the pool, nearly completely submerged. Miss 7 realised quickly that her sister could not breathe and swam and lifted her up. She held her above the water and brought her to the side of the pool, where I lifted Miss 3 out of the pool. Miss 3 was frightened and I was very concerned. I monitored her in the coming weeks. I will never be able to erase the image of Miss 3 standing under the water from my mind. 

Miss 7 knew what to do and acted calmly and quickly.  I believe that this is a credit to your Water Safety programmes at East Lakes. Thank you so much. You really are making a difference to the lives of our children. Please always keep doing what you are doing.