Adult Private Classes – LTS & Stroke Refinement

ELSC offer private swimming tuition for adults needing individual attention. Whether you are interested in learning to swim (LTS) for the very first time or needing stroke refinement and correction, the team at ELSC will work with you to create a program specific to your needs.

Note: private lessons are conducted outside of general program times and are scheduled around instructor and pool space availability.

Aqua Circuit

Our Aquatic Circuit classes provide a full body workout. Combining intervals of cardio and conditioning exercises to burn fat, strengthen muscles and increase endurance. Our classes are structured to ensure every fitness level is addressed and catered for, through a great workout in an enjoyable and private setting.

Numerous benefits of our circuit style aqua classes include:

  • Tone and re-definition of body
  • Increase energy levels and self esteem
  • High calorie burning during and after your workout = reduction of body fat
  • Increase cardio fitness
  • Greater mobility and flexibility
  • Exercise in the comfort of a private heated indoor pool
  • Suitable for all fitness levels from beginner through to advanced

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