ELSC Aquatic Pathways

Our aquatics program at ELSC is unique in its development and implementation. All of our aquatic programs include a combination of various aquatic sport elements which give our swimmers a complete aquatic skill based program. We teach basic fundamental skills across multiple aquatic sports such as water polo, surf lifesaving and open water swimming which all form part of our program lesson plans from our early years swimming through to learn to swim, squad and adult aquatic crossfit.

Some of the cross sport skills that form part of our program are:

  • Egg Beater Kick (treading water & sculling) – Water Polo
  • Trudgen Kick – Water Polo/Surf Lifesaving
  • Head Up Freestyle – Water Polo/Surf Lifesaving
  • Roll Over Swimming – Water Polo/Lifesaving
  • Wading, Dolphin Dives and Lunging – Surf Lifesaving
  • Wave Jumping and Wave Dives – Surf Lifesaving

Our objective at ELSC is to provide members with the necessary swimming and aquatic skill-set to best prepare for a choice of aquatic sport pathway. Through our highly networked sporting connections, we will connect you with the right people at the right time.

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Water Polo


Surf Lifesaving

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Triathlon & Open Water

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