School Age Program

Swimming is an important life skill and an essential skill to acquire as a child living in and around Newcastle and its beautiful water ways and many swimming locations. At ELSC we are passionate about teaching children the wonderful art of swimming in conjunction with aquatic survival skills in all of our school age learn to swim and stroke refinement levels.

The school age program operates each weekday afternoon and Saturday mornings. The school age program begins at the water confidence level for those children with little to no swimming experience or confidence then progressing into six learn to swim and stroke refinement levels. We do not teach with flotation aids such as back bubbles, arm bands or buoyancy vests however kick boards and water noodles are used in the school age program.

Maximum class numbers are based on level ability with class size increasing as children work their way through the ELSC school age progressive levels. Safety is a core element of the school age lesson plan and all lessons are structured around ELSC’s safe practice code.

School Age Progression Chart

School Age Aquatic Confidence & Self Preservation Class