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Squads -

At ELSC we deliver two levels of squad training for our junior athletes. Both squads are programmed to meet the needs of young athletes where the main focus is on reinforcement of correct swimming bio-mechanics, enforcement of good squad etiquette, increased fitness and endurance and providing athletes with the necessary skills and tools to further their aquatic sport pursuit. Whether an athlete is swimming for recreational fitness or has aspirations of representative honors, at ELSC our philosophy remains the same; keep it simple, do it right and have fun!

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Mini Squad (1.5hr sessions)

Mini Squad (MS) continues from the top tier swim school level where the swimmer has been assessed as competent in all four swimming strokes. Further stroke development and refinement is continued in Mini Squad. The swimmer is introduced to more complex swimming drills and pace clock education is further strengthened. Starts, turns and finishes are a main focus of the MS session as is kick and drill work. Mini Squad operates over a 90minute session with swimmers attending anywhere from as little as one session per week up to three sessions per week.

Mini Squad Sessions

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6.30am – 8.00am

Junior Squad (1.5hr sessions)

The Junior Squad (JS) operates over a 90 minute period with swimmers expected to attend a minimum of three sessions per week. The Junior Squad is an extension of the Mini Squad session with further emphasis placed on stroke biomechanics and increased knowledge and practice of set and interval training. All JS members are required to have a sound understanding of the pace clock, general swimming terminology in addition to having  some experience with use of swimming aids such as flippers, kick board and pull buoy.

Junior Squad Sessions

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6.30am – 8.00am